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Revised Rules of Professional Conduct as to Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation

The Tennessee Supreme Court has adopted revisions to the Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct effective January 1, 2011.  The complete rules can be found on Tennessee Bar Association’s (TBA) website.  This article will focus on three specific rules important to the integrity of … Continue reading

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Haslam’s Proposed Tort Reform Legislation

Newly inaugurated Governor Bill Haslam has presented his first round of proposed legislation, which includes a proposal for tort reform. The proposed legislation, called the “Tennessee Civil Justice Improvement Act of 2011,” would cap at $750,000 the amount of noneconomic … Continue reading

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Approximating Benefits for Social Security Disability

Often I am asked, “How much will I get if I am approved for Social Security Disability?”  My first response is that I cannot tell you off hand becauase every person’s beneift is different depending on their earnings.  The next … Continue reading

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Old Age Social Security Benefits and Tennessee Workers Compensation Benefits

While Tennessee Workers Compensation law does not allow employers/insurers to benefits from the employee’s receipt of SSDI benefits, it does, however, give a break to them in certain situations regarding workers’ compensation permanent disability benefits when the employee is receiving … Continue reading

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